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Electronic signature is a legally valid means of signing and electronic identification of a legal or natural person governed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Documents signed with an electronic signature bear the same legal standing as paper documents signed in the traditional (handwritten) manner.

It is widely used for signing various electronic documents (letters, contracts), connecting to electronic government gateways, banks or electronic service systems of other institutions.

The legal regulation of all electronic signatures, electronic seals and timestamps is laid down in the Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (hereinafter referred to as the eIDAS Regulation).

The legal regulation of eIDAS in Lithuania is also regulated by the Law on Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions, which regulates the legal effect of electronic signature, electronic seal, electronic timestamp and trust services, obligations of trust service providers and users, terms of and procedure for suspension and revocation of qualified certificates for electronic signature, electronic seal or certificates for website authentication, and supervision of trust service providers.

Qualified electronic signatures are considered to be the ultimate security tool.

Only official providers on the EU trust services list can issue a qualified electronic signature certificate. A document signed with a qualified e-signature has the same legal standing as a hand-signed document. The regulation and legislation regulating this signature is the uniform across the EU, while compliance at national level is supervised and enforced by each EU country independently.

In Elpako, documents can only be signed with a qualified electronic signature, which has the same legal effect as a handwritten paper document. It is important to note that the requirements for a qualified electronic signature are identical in all EU countries, therefore, documents signed in Elpako are legally valid not only in Lithuania, but also throughout the European Union.

Elpako’s qualified electronic signature ensures the highest data security. This electronic signature is fully compliant with the trust measures listed in the European Union’s list of trust service providers. The security of the signature is also guaranteed by a surety bond issued by an insurance company.

In Lithuania, electronic signatures are already considered an indispensable part of personal and professional comfort by natural and legal persons.

Electronic documents signed at the touch of a button create a new user experience and allow unrestricted access to all the benefits of the digital space.

It also actively contributes to the conservation of natural resources by eliminating paper documents and saving time spent travelling to exchange documents.

How does it work?

Signing up takes just a few minutes and is very simple:

1. Verify your identity with Smart-ID, Mobile-ID (m-signature), USB stick or ID card. Confirm your e-mail address when you register.

2. Upload the document you want and sign with a qualified electronic signature with: Smart-ID, Mobile-ID (m-signature), USB stick or ID card.

Done! Your documents are signed!

Electronic documents can be signed in the Elpako system using a variety of qualified and advanced electronic signature tools: Smart-ID, Mobile-ID (m-signature), USB stick or ID card.

In order to log in and sign, you must have a qualified e-signature certificate available, which can be obtained in the following manner:

Files up to 200 MB can be uploaded to Elpako. Please note that the speed of your internet provider determines how long you will have to wait for the document to be uploaded to Elpako and sent to your device after signing.

You can upload an unlimited number of documents to the Elpako application.

Document formats

Elpako works with ADOC, PDF, PDF-LT and ASiC specification documents that can be signed with a qualified electronic signature.

The most universal and popular format is PDF, which is recognised throughout the European Union.

PDF is an electronic document format in which an electronic signature can be embedded.

ADOC is an electronic container that can hold electronic documents and e-signature data in various formats. The ADOC container can hold documents in various formats, such as .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and .pdf.

PDF documents signed in Elpako can be accepted and processed throughout the EU.

ADOC is an electronic repository or container for electronically signed electronic documents. After signing, the Elpako user can download the signed document. Documents signed in Elpako (for example, a contract or an application) take the extension “.adoc”, i.e., a container containing the signed documents, the data related to the document and the e-signature.

The ADOC format is convenient in that the user can place files of different formats in this container, such as .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .ppsx, .odp, ; .pdf” .tif., .tiff, .jpg, .jpeg, jfif, .png, .odt, and.ods.

The ADOC format is widely used in Lithuanian public sector institutions, as it meets the requirements of the Specification of Electronic Documents Signed by Electronic Signature ADOC-V1.0 approved by the Department of Archives under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. The documents drawn up in Elpako fully meet these requirements.

Signing documents in ADOC is fast, convenient and efficient. Elpako makes it possible for users to view ADOC documents and e-signature data that can be verified in real time.

The ASiC document format is an electronic document format used in other European Union countries. This type of document, just like the ADOC, can contain multiple files that are signed. When preparing this type of document, it should be verified whether the recipient will be able to accept this type of document, as not all parties are able to read and handle these document types.

The system also features signatures for documents in PDF format, which is used in many countries. If you need to sign a large number of documents in other formats, please e-mail us at [email protected]. We will make an offer that meets your needs.

Subscription plans and payments


You can try the following free of charge in the Elpako app:

  • 6 electronic document signatures per month for free;
  • 6 electronic document checks per month for free;
  • store up to 200 MB of documents.

The FOR INDIVIDUALS plan is designed for a single user (for personal or work-related needs).

The FOR TEAMS plan is intended for more than one user. Team members can share, sign and check documents among themselves. They can also assign the right to manage and catalogue documents.

  • Create your team account, invite other participants and manage it easily.
  • Share and manage documents.
  • Categorise your documents into directories.
  • Archive them securely with automatically extended timestamps.
  • Assign rights to team members to manage documents.
  • Work simultaneously with your personal and team accounts.

Subscriptions can be purchased for one month or for the whole year at once (this option offers lower prices for annual plans).

API integrations

Our API solution is suitable for any legal entity. Elpako can be easily integrated into any information system, while our specialists are ready to provide detailed consultation and clear instructions during the integration process.

Thanks to the advanced API solution, all Elpako services can be implemented in any information system whose users are able to:

  • Create documents in different formats and sign them with qualified electronic signatures.
  • Sign documents using a variety of qualified electronic signature tools: Smart-ID, Mobile-ID (m-signature), USB stick, ID card or civil servant card.
  • Perform a multilateral signing by inviting a business partner to sign electronic documents.
  • Timestamp the created electronic signature and verify its validity.
  • Prepare an electronic signature for long-term storage and archiving.
  • Validate documents with an electronic seal and check its validity.
  • Identify and confirm the identity of a client, partner or employee.
  • API solution will help efficiently manage digital business processes and quality of e-services, and will bring your user experience to the next level.

Technical solution documentation and sample integration code are available at the following address.

Conclusion of e-documents
Creating and signing electronic documents with various specifications (ADOC, PDF, PDF-LT, Asic).

Multilateral signature
Invitation to sign an electronic document for an external entity.

Personal identification
Reliable identification and authentication of a person for the purpose of serving them through electronic channels.

Qualified timestamps
Qualified timestamping of a created electronic signature.

Approval by electronic seal
Document approval by electronic seal Relevant service for legal persons.

Verification of e-signatures
Verification of validity of electronic signatures created.

Checking e-seals
Verification of validity of electronic seals created.

Preparation of documents for storage and archiving
Long-term storage and archiving of electronic documents and electronic signatures.

You can choose between several integration options:

  • Our user interface (application Gateway), which you can easily integrate into your information systems.
  • Alternatively, you can create a user interface according to your needs and design, within your information systems.

We will always help you find the best solutions for your needs.

You can purchase API qualified electronic signature integration for business by contacting us at [email protected].

We will provide the best solution for your needs.

You can request a quote for the service by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

We will answer all of your questions and provide you with accurate transaction fees calculated according to your needs.

Elpako service is charged at a one-off connection fee of €200.00 excluding VAT (per system) and based on actual consumption. The actual fee is based on the services provided by Elpako in connection with the e-signature:

  • transactions used during the month are summed up by individual transaction types;
  • the service fee is calculated by multiplying the number of successfully completed transactions during the billing period by the fee for the relevant transaction.

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